5 Web Design Trends 2018

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5 Web Design Trends 2018


Web design trends come and go, sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad but what can we expect to see in 2018:

1) Video

It’s not exactly a new trend as it’s already massive but we can expect 2018 to be an even bigger year for video.

We can expect to see more video in web design and social media, so it’s likely to be everywhere you look online.

Background videos, at least for the desktop design, will likely be more popular.

2) No more ghost button

Ghost buttons are call to action buttons that blend into the image behind it. At one point, they were very popular as they able designers to add in buttons without cluttering the web page; however they also didn’t call the user to action (which was supposed to be the point of them).

Ghost buttons don’t offer enough contrast when positioned over an image or text, which on average results in a 20% decrease in clicks.

3) Sticky navigation

This is when the primary navigation follows you as you scroll down the page. Again, this isn’t new but expect to see websites using it more.

This trend may even evolve into floating primary navigation menus, which works in the same way but the menu appears to float over the webpage as you scroll.

4) Curves

The big names around the web appear to be cutting off the square edges throughout their designs. The likes of Twitter and Google have been shaving off the edges to their search boxes and cards.

And you can expect designers will follow trait.

5) Mobile first

Mobile browsing has now officially surpassed desktop. The importance of mobile-friendly web design has been increasing for several years now, and is less of a trend than a principle of web design.

In the first half of 2018, Google will be rolling out a new Mobile First Index, placing more importance on the mobile version of the website when it comes to ranking. This means that if you want to rank, you will need an optimised mobile-friendly website.

Luke Stanley