5 ways to improve your landing page

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5 ways to improve your landing page

The first thing your customers will see when visiting your website is your landing page. It is a crucial point for you to introduce your business and make a lasting impression that leaves the user wanting more.

If your website visitors aren’t sticking around, it is likely to do with the landing page.

Here are some quick and easy changes that could really leave a lasting impression on your potential clients:

1.       Simplicity

Simple webpages are usually the most successful. Keep your welcome message short but powerful, get the point across fast and make sure your call-to-action is prominent.

2.       Make it dummy-proof

Everything needs to be obvious. When a user lands on your page make sure you spell everything out for your potential clients.

Obviously your services make sense to you, but someone else may have no idea, so make it clear to help the users understand.

3.       Big imagery and video

As they say a picture says a thousand words. So instead of filling your landing page with a thousand words that no one will read, fill in the space with big imagery.

Some sites also use a short two or three minute video that explain who they are, what they do, etc. You can use a video to answer all the questions you think your clients will ask.

4.       Creating a mobile-responsive website

There is no excuse for waiting this long to upgrade to a mobile-friendly website. The majority of estate agent websites  get a lot of visits from mobile users but bounce rates on those websites are high. This is usually because your landing page is hard to use from mobile devices.

5.       Implement user reviews

By getting reviews from real clients is a quick way to boost conversion rates. User reviews give confidence to a product or service and encourages interactivity with a landing page, which in turn will increase the chance of people converting. 

Luke Stanley