5 ways to grow your traffic and subscribers through email marketing

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5 ways to grow your traffic and subscribers through email marketing

Email marketing is still very effective and can generate a huge amount of traffic and sales. There are many ways you can promote your business by email from weekly newsletters to promotional emails advertising new properties or service.

However to gain success from your email marketing campaign you need interested readers and a lot of them.

These 5 methods will help you achieve more readers as well as subscribers to your mailing list:

1. The design and layout of the email

The design and layout is almost as important as the content within your email. Everyone receives newsletter daily from numerous amounts of companies they’ve dealt with in the past, many of which get deleted instantly.

Stand out amongst the crowd with catchy email subjects and titles within the page. Many businesses such as Apple produce beautiful newsletters with high resolution images and bold text which makes it very hard not to read. Take advantage of the chance to wow customers with high quality design.

2. The page the email directs the user to

The aim of an email newsletter is to draw people to your website to receive information about your business. If you manage to get a reader to click on the email link make sure you can back up the email with great content and beautiful design in order to catch the user’s attention once they are on your website.

3. Host a contest or offer freebies

Offering freebies or prizes to people who sign up to subscribe to a mailing list is probably the best way to encourage users to sign up.

4. Promote through social networks

If people have already ‘liked’ or ‘followed’ you through a social network, they are already interested in your business.

Promoting your newsletter through these channels is a great way to get keen readers subscribing to your newsletter.

5. Advertise the newsletter clearly on your website

It’s surprisingly how many websites don’t promote their newsletters through their website. Just like social networking links, make sure your subscribe button is in a prominent position on the page and easy to find.