5 ways Estate Agents can start their social networking

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Estate Agents now think that social networking and social media is one of those things that should be done but they never get round to.

Think about it - there is no better time like the present.  Right this second or some point in the near future your competitor will be using social networking to establish themselves as the local online expert.

Make no mistake, social media usage continues to grow at an outstanding rate with records persistently being broken and even one has a movie!

The good news is that the employees here at Resource Techniques are on hand to help. Below are the first 5 steps towards becoming the best social networking Estate Agent in your local area.

  1. Set goals and priorities – What is it exactly that you want from social media? What will be the best way to promote your services in a way that won’t be considered as spam?
  2. Conquer one at a time – The best Estate Agents using social media use multiple platforms in which to communicate, but for Estate Agents new to social networking, it is best to fully understand one before moving onto the next.
  3. Tools – There are a whole range of free online tools at an Estate Agent’s disposal. These include bit.ly, tweetdeck, flickr, audioboo and many more. This week Resource Techniques has written an article on Bit.ly receiving a record number of clicks.
  4. Listen and engage – Listen to what the property searchers and potential vendors are doing in your local area. Read our article on advanced twitter search for estate agents for more information.
  5. Focus on quality over quantity – The general public do not want to see a whole stream of endless promotions from their Estate Agent. People will only regard you as a local expert once you are providing value to people. This means that Estate Agents have to give useful information, add funny or intriguing opinion to make people want to follow or fan you.

James Coyne – eMarketing and Social Media Consultant