5 tech myths you have believed all this time that just aren’t true

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5 tech myths you have believed all this time that just aren’t true

The tech world is full of myths and tales that get passed around the net until people start believing they are true. You probably know these types of “facts” from something you read on the internet or from a friend telling you. And you have now known it for so long you don’t dispute it as a fact.

However we are now going to disprove 5 of the biggest tech myths:

Mac’s don’t get viruses

For many years, Apple have claimed on their website that its computers were better than windows machines due to them not being vulnerable to viruses like PCs were.

Although in June, Apple updated its website and changed the claim of malware resistance due to an ongoing virus attacks on the Mac OS. The quote now reads “built to be safe”.

Closing Apps on your iPhone extends Battery Life

This has been common knowledge for all iPhone users for a very long time. If you double-tap the home button and close all apps on the bottom tray that weren’t in use than you would save battery life.

The thing is that the apps you can see when you double click the home button aren’t actually running meaning they aren’t using any battery...

Leaving your laptop plugged in will destroy the battery

This myth may have been true of nickel-based laptop batteries back in the day but modern laptops and Smartphone hardly ever use them anymore. Most laptops now use lithium-based batteries which you can leave plugged in all day.

Many even suggest leaving it plugged in is better as draining the battery to zero percent and then recharging again and again could lower your batteries lifespan.

Facebook is about to start charging

This myth pops up on my newsfeed every few months with friends joining a group to petition to keep Facebook free or posting they’ve just heard from a friend that Facebook is going to start charging such and such a price every month...

This simply isn’t true and won’t ever happen so stop believing the chain letters!

Here’s proof from Facebook themselves: To the question – Will Facebook ever charge for service?

“No. We will always keep Facebook a free service for everyone.”

The QWERTY keyboard was designed to slow typists down

The QWERTY layout was designed in order to reduce jams. The keys are laid out according to a combination of letter frequency so hitting common letter combinations like “T” and “H” would not cause difficulty in hitting the keys.

So there you have it, five of the most common tech myths disproven!

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