5 Signs Your Website's Stuck In The Past

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5 Signs Your Website's Stuck In The Past


Your website is the central point of your online campaign, so it is important to make sure your estate agency website design is clean, appealing and modern.

If you have been thinking that your website is beginning to look dated or isn’t as visually appealing as your competitors then it may be time for you to consider a redesign.

Here are 5 signs that your website needs a redesign:

1) It doesn’t represent your business

If your website is quite old, then it may not represent your current business identity or branding. If you consider your business to modern but you have an outdated website then you may be sending your audience the wrong message. You should ensure that your website represents your current business values.

2) You are behind the times

Does your website look dated compared to your competition? The internet moves fast, technology, design and functionality is always improving. Don’t let your website full behind the times. Don’t just aim to keep up with your competition, try to outdo them!

3) It isn't mobile-friendly

Your audience doesn’t just use PCs to view your website anymore. Mobile devices have become extremely popular meaning more and more people will be viewing your website from various smartphones, tablets and phablets.

This means your website now has to adapt to your customer screen size needs, which will change dramatically. Your website now needs to be able to cope with all these different screen sizes otherwise you will put the user-experience in jeopardy.

4) It’s too complex

People these days like websites to be clean and simple; they don’t want to be bombarded with too much information at once. Your audience wants your website to be clear and to the point. It needs to be easy to navigate, with minimal clutter!

5) You can't be found

In the past many estate agents overlooked the importance of SEO, which now results in their competitors stealing their traffic and customers. Is your website optimised? If your site can’t be found in Google, it may be time to consider a redesign in order to get your site optimised correctly. This will help to draw in more traffic and produce more leads. 

Luke Stanley