5 reasons why Estate Agents need social networking

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5 reasons why Estate Agents need social networking

Social networking is now vital for Estate Agents all across the UK. With Twitter the fastest growing social network in history and 40% of the UK population on Facebook, social networking cannot simply be ignored because Estate Agent's "do not get it".

There are 5 primary reasons why Estate Agents need to ensure that their social networking presence. Estate Agents can enjoy these simple reasons below:

  • Competitors - This shouldn't be Estate Agent's only reason to enter social networking, but if your competitors are using social networking, Estate Agents should ask themselves why they are not involved.
  • Customers - By purely looking at the sheer number of people on social networks, Estate Agents should be signing up in the hordes.
  • Extra traffic - A successful campaign can see a huge bonus of people visiting the Estate Agent's website. Each one judging the Estate Agent website design and marketing capabilities.
  • Brand - Social networking for Estate Agents is a fantastic way to broadcast the Estate Agent's brand for free whilst increasing brand recognition in the local area.
  • Message - Every business has a message that they are trying to transmit and this message can be lost in the sheer amount of noise from other Estate Agents in the market. Not only can Estate Agents send their unique message to local people but the information flows two ways so Estate Agents can provide unparalleled customer service.

, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'Still not convinced? We are more than happy to have an in-depth chat with any Estate Agent considering social networking.'