5 Mistakes That Will Ruin SEO For Estate Agents

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5 Mistakes That Will Ruin SEO For Estate Agents


A huge amount of website owners know very little about search engine optimisation. Being unfamiliar with SEO can lead to lost opportunities and increase the chance of mistakes, setting your businesses back as Estate Agents try to improve their rankings within Google.

Google are forever changing their algorithm, but here are five SEO mistakes that are guaranteed to ruin your websites SEO.

Can you afford to make them?

1) Keyword stuffing

This term simply means overusing your keywords. In the past this actually did work until Google realised how spammy it looked, now Google penalise websites for overusing their keywords.

Keywords should be included throughout your website and blog articles but within moderation. Only the keywords that are truly relevant to page should be use and keep the content as natural as possible.

2) Low quality content

The content on every page of your website should be relevant, researched and valuable to the reader.

Content that adds no value is considered to be thin content. Instead you should focus on creating high-quality content that is original and unique as this will give the user a better experience and Google reward websites with good user-experience.

Also avoid duplicate content as Google will simply ignore it.

3) Buying links

Not overly common anymore but it isn’t unheard of. Obtaining quality inbound links still carries a huge amount of weight in terms of SEO as it makes your website appear more important and relevant to Google.

However, many people pay for links that link back to their website tricking the search engines into thinking their website is more important than it actually is.

Google finds this as very unnatural and it is considered to be black hat SEO. If caught your website stands a chance of being banned from Google.

Instead, aim to obtain links naturally through creating and sharing high-quality content.

4) Doorway pages

This practice again isn’t used much anymore but some people still try to benefit from them. Doorway pages are usually large amounts of poor-quality pages where each page is optimised for a specific keyword or phrase and then channel users to a single destination.

Google strongly frown against this type of practice as it frustrates users and are in violation of Webmaster guidelines.

5) Invisible links and text

Another oldie but again can have serious consequences on your website. If users can’t see the text or links doesn’t mean Google can’t see them and you will be penalised. Instead make sure your links and text is visible to the user.

There are many other mistakes you can make that will ruin your SEO but these are some of the worst and most harmful strategies these days.

Be sure to create only high-quality content on every page of your website and gain natural links from credible sites. This way you will achieve high rankings naturally.