5 economical ways of promoting your Estate Agent website

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5 economical ways of promoting your Estate Agent website


Every Estate Agent wants their website to be number 1 in Google, but SEO or Search Engine Optimisation isn’t the only way Estate Agents can promote their website.

There are plenty of other ways Estate Agents can improve their online presence without burning a hole in their pocket with an expensive PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign.

  • 1. Blog like you mean it – Deep inside every one of us is writer waiting to be unleashed. The fact that Estate Agent’s extensive experience and vast knowledge is only a catalyst to what can be an Estate Agent blog that is second to none. Once up and running a blog that is consistently updated will attract loyal readers.
  • 2. Write for other websites – When a subject and title has been established, writing an article doesn’t take that long. Consider offering your hidden talent to other Estate Agent websites, trade magazines and general property related websites.
  • 3. Social networking promotion – People don’t mind a little promotion, just as long as Estate Agents don’t over promote. Unsure on the on how much you should promote? Always try to remember The golden Facebook ratio.
  • 4. Email signature – Adding a little signature to the bottom of your emails can increase the amount of people that click through to either your website or to your social networking profiles.
  • 5. Videos – There’s no denying that people prefer to watch a video than read lines and lines of text. Informational videos, fun videos, it’s all up to you.

Surely there’s no excuse to promote your Estate Agent website now… is there?

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant