5 do’s and don’ts of Facebook

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5 do’s and don’ts of Facebook

What type of posts do you make to your Facebook business page? Are you constantly promoting yourself or are you sharing information that Facebook users will actually ‘Like’?

Think about it like this, the last time that you logged into Facebook, which posts did you read? Would you have looked at random properties posted on your feed or would you click on something informative.

At one time or another everyone has wanted to delete or hide something from their Facebook feed and these posts are usually annoying self promotions.

So how do you create engaging, clickable Facebook posts? Here are 5 simple but effective tips to help you with your Facebook campaign:

1. The 90-10 rule

Always follow the 90-10 rule. 90 percent of what you share should be about helping and informing your followers. The remaining 10 percent of the posts can be focused on your business and self-promotions.

2. Ask and answer engaging questions

When I say engage with your audience I don’t mean just push the “like” button occasionally, you really need to leave comments and queries with your fans. This will spark up conversation and bring awareness of your Facebook page.

3. Share what makes you unique

If you have a specialty or you focus on a niche market, don’t just share general articles that can be found on any Estate Agency blog. Post relevant articles that will interest your followers.

4. Don’t be that guy...

Everybody has at least one of these guys on their Facebook account. They bombard their friends and followers with too many messages about self-promotions or sales. The aim of social media isn’t to annoy your followers and clog up their feeds; this will only lead to people unfollowing you or even reporting you for sending spam.

5. Simplify

Here’s the bottom line: be positive, be unique, talk about the latest industry news and share great resources. If you follow this you will gain friends and business fast.

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