5 cool stats about Smartphones: Is the smartphone really taking over?

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5 cool stats about Smartphones: Is the smartphone really taking over?

Over the last four years (since the first iPhone hit the market) we have seen the life changing impact that mobiles have in our everyday lives and even though everyone has witnessed this, many estate agents still haven’t implemented mobile websites or apps to their marketing strategies.

Here are 5 reasons why we believe the smartphone is taking over:

1. Around 30% of adults in the UK now own a Smartphone

The Smartphone market has rocketed over the last year rising by 67 percent since 2010. With these numbers only to increase in the coming year, it is clear to see that optimising for mobile will be a must for 2012.

2. Adults read more news on their mobile than print

The average adult spends 65 minutes a day on their mobile device and only 44 minutes with print media (26 minutes with newspapers and 18 minutes with magazines).

3. Social media turning to mobile

Facebook has more than 350 million mobile users out of its 800 million members and is supposed to rise by 50% by the end of 2012. Social media campaigns will need to be suitable for mobile devices. When promoting properties or articles through social channels, you will have to make sure these pages are optimised for mobile making it easy for the user to access the data.

4. On average over 30% of traffic to your website is from mobile

With such a huge percentage of traffic hitting your website from mobile devices, having a user friendly mobile website is crucial. Your standard website hasn’t been built to accommodate for the needs of a mobile phone.

5. Smartphones are changing social habits and etiquette

In a recent study 51% of adult smartphone users said they use their phones while out socialising, 23% use their smartphone during a meal with others, 81% said they have their mobile phone on all the time and 22% use it in the bathroom.

These stats though slightly worrying show how often people use the internet through their mobiles.

Many have said 2012 is going to be the year for mobile marketing, without having a mobile friendly website you are in danger of frustrating your audience and possibly losing out on business.

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