4 things a web designer won’t tell you

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4 things a web designer won’t tell you

Whether you want a simple website or something more complex you need to be able to communicate effectively with the design team that you have hired. However, there are some hard truths that your web designer just won’t tell you.

Avoiding these truths could have a negative effect on your website in the future. Keep these in mind as you build your new website:

1. You need a marketing plan first

This is something people usually don’t think about until the website is built but your website is a part of your business’s marketing strategy and should be built into your website.

You should know what your websites goals and who you are trying to reach before you start building your website. This information should be passed onto the designers so they can use it within the building process. The more the designer knows about your plans and targets, the better they can create an appealing design for your audience.

2. Your content is terrible

The designers focus is obviously on the design of the website but design only goes so far without quality content. If your content is poorly written and not optimised then your website will suffer.

3. Design isn’t everything

The success of your website is a combination of great content and great design, one without the other your website is likely to fail. The design is supposed to lead your customers through your website and the content is supposed to keep them there.

If your design is so unique and modern that your customers get lost or distracted easily then it isn’t a good design.

4. What you like isn’t the most important thing

Obviously you need to like your website to a certain extent or at least understand why it has been designed that way but what you like isn’t necessarily what is right for your target audience. The designers will take their ideas from your marketing plan in order to create a website appealing to your audience. Whether or not the design is appealing to your own personal tastes is irrelevant. Your website isn’t for you it’s for your potential clients.

Web designers are trained in the ways that colour theory and psychology interconnect, and they will choose the colours and graphics that best communicate your message to your target audience.

Be sure to give the designer all the information they need before they begin the build otherwise you may end up with a terrible website.

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