4 reasons to go responsive

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4 reasons to go responsive

Over the last year we have talked a lot about the importance for estate agents to become mobile-friendly and the inevitable shift of internet usage from desktop PCs to mobile devices has furthered the urgency to make the switch. If you still doubt this, just check out your Google Analytics and you will see for yourself how much traffic your website really gets from mobile devices and how important it is that your website is mobile-friendly to accommodate your potential customers.

Your estate agency website really needs to be compatible with all devices, which is why Responsive Web Design is the ideal solution to ensure your potential customers’ needs are being met.

But despite the increase in mobile usage, many estate agents still ignore the fact that there is a vital need for responsive web design. Of course the obvious reason to go responsive is to have the ultimate users experience but here are 4 other reasons why your website needs to be responsive:

1. Reduced bounce rate

Non responsive websites when accessed from a mobile device will adapt to the screen size automatically, which is usually hard to use and read on a small device or it reloads a mobile version of your website, which slows down the loading speed of the page which can make users back up and go somewhere else.

However due to the better user experience that responsive web design offers, it means your bounce rate will be reduced considerably as you now accommodate for the mobile user.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

Google prefers responsive and many times they have suggested in order to achieve high rankings it is important to use responsive web design. Google have said they prefer responsive over mobile websites as responsive websites only use one URL, making it easier for Google to crawl and index.

3. Easier long term maintenance

A responsive website is a lot easier to maintain than having a traditional website and a mobile website. Mobile websites will need updating to accommodate the forever changing mobile world. This means more maintenance, resulting in more expense.

4. Increased sales

Having a well-designed, user-friendly website with high quality content will obvious drive more sales. Today, a good website would be one that is user-friendly and accessible through every device, not just one or two. This kind of website will help businesses expand their reach and target a larger audience.  

Having a clear, modern, user-friendly website will give your business the advantage. An estate agent with innovative design and hi-tech services are likely to blow all their competition out of the water. 

Luke Stanley