4 quick tips to improve a Chartered Surveyors site

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4 quick tips to improve a Chartered Surveyors site

Here are some simple and easy tips for improving your companies website that shouldn’t cost the earth or take weeks of coding and redesign.

1. High-Res Imagery

A picture may be worth a thousand words but poor imagery will say only negative things about your company and your brand. Your website is supposed to be prompting what makes you better than all the other commercial agents and chartered surveyors. So why use poor imagery that conveys a sloppy approach. How will that effect a prospective clients perception of the quality of your work?

Oh, and while we are talking about this, get rid of those awful team headshots that you took with your Smartphone. Poor lighting, bad composition – they just make you look like a bunch of numpty’s. Don't be so tight and get a professional in the take the pictures.

2. Talk About Yourself

While we’re talking about presenting your team in the best way, lets look at the About Us page of your website. Chartered surveyors are always saying how the commercial property market is about people, personalities and relationships. And it must be said that in a competitive market, with good instructions harder to come by and so many commercial agents able to provide similar services, it's the individuals in your business that make you unique.

Use the About Us page of your website to convey the unique experience, knowledge and personality of the individuals in your company.

3. Contact Details For Key Staff

Make it easy for a prospective client to get in touch. Make it clear who handles industrial; who the expert in retail space is and who can give advice on party wall and building surveying. Use those professionally taken photos; pop their email address under each along with a direct phone number.

4. Use A Proper Map

Those stylised, illustrated maps that your web designer said would look oh so cool and pick up on the overall colour palette of your website? They may look pretty, but they are useless and clients find them annoying. Get a link to Google Maps that allows your client to zoom in and out and access via their mobile device.

And here’s an idea. If you are in a busy, built-up part of town, why not include a picture of your front door on your Contact or Find Us page.

Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant.