4 crucial elements for call-to-actions

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4 crucial elements for call-to-actions


A call-to-action is one of the most important elements to convert prospects into potential customers on your website. It is a vital part of any website as it tells your visitors exactly what you want them to do next.

You need to have an obvious call-to-action in place to help guide potential prospects to the final goal. However to achieve this you must include these key elements to ensure you create effective call-to-actions:

1. Striking headline

Your call-to-action must have a great headline. It needs to grab the user’s attention and draw them in to read more. A clear and prominent headline should communicate what the call-to-action wants the user to do and make them want to take the next step.

2. Clear Message

A headline can only say so much, back this up with a clear and compelling message. This message should indicate what you want the user to do next; answering what the user will get in return for taking the next step.

Keep this message as simple as possible; don’t try to make yourself look smart by using business lingo.

3. Imagery/graphic

Use imagery or a graphic to catch the users’ eye, as this will be the first thing the user sees before they read the content.

By using an image or graphic you will draw the user in, spark an interest and keep their attention focused on your message. A visual message will send a stronger message, as 90% of what is transmitted to the brain is visual. Your audience will respond better to images over text, don’t waste the opportunity.

4. An action

An action will help you achieve the primary goal of your call-to-action as it will tell the user what to do next. The action will guide them to the next step so make it clear and to the point. Your action may be ‘Search’, ‘Subscribe’, ‘Call Us’, etc.

With a decent call-to-action in place you can ensure your audience are following the right steps in order to reach your final goal. 

Luke Stanley