4 Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes

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4 Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes

The huge increase of mobile “smartphone” users has created many new opportunities to promote your estate agency business online and with around 30% of Estate Agency traffic coming from smartphones it’s something no estate agent can ignore.

Google have reported that mobile specific campaigns have more than doubled since January 2011 but many of the businesses haven’t built a usable mobile website to base its campaign on.

With this in mind we want to go through what irritates smartphone users with the most common Mobile Marketing Mistakes:

1) Treating Mobile users like PC users

Mobile users want things fast; they don’t want to have to navigate through pages to find things on your website. Mobile websites are all about creating a good user experience, allowing users to find relevant information fast without having slow download speed and lots of clicking.

2) Not considering the limitations of the mobile devices

As with the above, treating mobile devices like a PC will just frustrate the user. So what are the limitations that you need to keep in mind?

  • The screen is smaller – cramming to much onto a website will just confuse the user, as well as making the content to small to read without zooming in.
  • Mobiles don’t have a mouse – scrolling up and down on a mobile is fine but when you have to navigate around the screen that’s when the usability gets frustrating.
  • The Keyboard is limited – keep the typing to a minimum, no one wants to fill out forms on their mobile.

3) Not testing your Mobile Website

As with a normal website, your mobile website should be tested thoroughly for flaws. The quality of the usability should be reviewed by neutral people to ensure its easy for everyone.

4) Not actively promoting your Mobile Website

Promoting new services is a must, otherwise how would people find out about it. Having QR codes on your boards and business cards is a great way to show customers you are easily accessible through mobile phone devices.

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