3 factors you haven’t thought of that affect your visibility

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3 factors you haven’t thought of that affect your visibility

Within SEO there are thousands of factors that can affect how and where you are going to rank within Google’s search results.

We all know how important content is and that sites with high quality content will rank higher than those producing useless and irrelevant content but here are some things you may not have considered that can have a significant effect on your Google rankings.

1) Freshness

Once upon a time Search Engines would locate trusted websites that are relevant to the search term and rank them accordingly. However due to the rapid growth of the Internet and the overload of search competition, search engines now aim to provide users with fresh relevant content above dated stale content.

If you have a well established and relevant website in general, it may not be enough to keep up with the vicious competition. Try to update your website on a regular basis by adding new articles to help you achieve high rankings.

2) Social broadening

All the major search engines have confirmed that they collect data from Social Networks and taking them into consideration in their algorithms. Without having social networking accounts, in time could have a negative effect on your current rankings.

Within the next few years things like sharing and retweet will become a huge factor within SEO and may even become as important as links are to your website.

3) User-friendly website

Back in the day SEO was all about focusing on the search engine. Building a website and writing the content specifically for the search engine would enable you to achieve high rankings.

However over the last few years Google has been pushing towards accessibility and usability to ensure the users are getting the best experience possible. Keep in mind your website should now be focused on the user over the search engines. Provide good, relevant, interesting content as well as clean, clear layouts with practical call-to-actions to help guide the users around your website efficiently.

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