25 years of Web Design – tips to achieve the best results

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25 years of Web Design – tips to achieve the best results

25 years ago the first websites blasted onto the scene with big flashing lights and bright sparkles. Back then though businesses didn’t realise the potential great website design could have.

25 year on, the internet has changed significantly and the audience’s behaviour has transformed even more. The internet (and websites) now dominate the way we live our lives, the way we communicate, shop and make decisions.

The internet has evolved from the standard website and has been replaced by mobile ready and secure sites that are used as tools to drive leads and sales.

Here are 6 tips for the current best practices that will make your website the best it can be:  

1. 3 seconds to impress

You only have 3 seconds to explain your proposition to your audience when they land on your website. The back button is commonly used around the web for those websites that don’t answer a user’s needs straight away.

Make sure your site is compelling and give the user a reason to stay.

2. Call to action

Look at any successful businesses website; they all have clear call to actions. The most important call to action for estate agent web design is the ‘Property Search’. The best call to actions are those that simply offer the user something rather than leaving them to figure it out by themselves.

Your call to action should be above the fold in prime location, easy for the users to see immediately.

3. Clearly display who you are and what you do

Your welcome message must be clear and concise, clarifying who you are and what you do in no more than a few paragraphs.  

4. It’s about the user, not you

In the past, many estate agency websites would concentrate solely on themselves and although this hasn’t changed massively, these days the best websites focus much more on what a business can do for the user rather than what you’ve done and why you are a great company.

5. Start with SEO in mind

From the start you should ensure your website is optimised for SEO. Remember not to overreach to begin with, target a specific audience (maybe your local area) and build on that.

6. Become an industry leader

Being an industry leader is no longer just about holding a great position as a well-established business. Now it means that you are actively sharing your experiences and knowledge with others, whether through your websites blog or on your social media channels.

Try to share your practical advice and knowledge with others, this will prove that you and your business know what you are talking about and are professional.

It is also a great way to build brand recognition and sales. 

Luke Stanley