15 quick twitter tips to boost traffic

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15 quick twitter tips to boost traffic

Having a website is easy but getting people to see your site is another story. Online marketing can seem to be a daunting task usually due to the countless hours you need to spend to embrace your audience through SEO, video marketing, social media and blogging.

But what is the best way to get fast results?

Social media gurus will argue one of the best sources of traffic will come from Twitter over any other social platform and will provide a consistent amount of traffic as long as you are engaging your audience.

But you can’t drive traffic by just creating a Twitter account and tweeting every other week. Here are some of the best practices to increase traffic with Twitter:

  1. Your profile needs to be complete – don’t slack on this part ensure the profile is fully completed.
  2. Use a good profile picture – poor, unclear photos don’t look profession; make sure you use a clear photo for your profile.
  3. Tweet more at the beginning – when starting in the twitter world you need to tweet a lot until you get a decent sized fan base.
  4. Use links to your website in your tweets – Draw people to your website by tweeting links to articles you’ve posted up on your website.
  5. Don’t tweet the same boring stuff over and over – mix it up with article links, pictures, quotes, etc.
  6. Connect with likeminded people – use the @ replies and aim towards users in your local areas.
  7. Don’t overly promote yourself – we recommend using a 1:10 ratio to ensure you don’t annoy your fans with tons of property listings.
  8. Be consistent with tweets – don’t tweet 10 times one week and then leave it for months before tweeting again, people only want to follow people worth following.
  9. Tweet topical events using a # tag – this will help you interact with likeminded people.
  10. Use Twitter Search – this can help you find questions regarding your industry, maybe someone in the area is looking to buy or sell a house...
  11. Ask people questions – Don’t just isolate yourself, ask questions. This is a great way to engage with your audience.
  12. Engage, engage, engage – the only way to succeed in the Twitter world is to engage. Make sure you respond to your followers.
  13. Promote your Twitter account everywhere – clearly promote your Twitter account on your website, blog and any other social networks you may have.
  14. Retweet other people – people want you to retweet their posts, retweet interesting posts may lead to more people following you.
  15. Learn from the masters – Follow Twitter power users that are in your industry, learn from what they do and how they promote their business.


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