10 reasons to leave your website in 10 seconds

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10 reasons to leave your website in 10 seconds


Estate Agents can have some of the worst web designs on the internet. There’s no need to point fingers, but we’ve all visited an Estate Agent’s website that has such a bad website design that the back button is the only option.

This web design woe does not have to be a dirty stain on your website design, your Estate Agent website could very easily be the envy of your local competition.

By now you get the picture. It is of vital importance that you do not have a single one of the following features placed within your web design.

  1. Music – Forcing music on property searchers is one of the quickest ways to get rid of visitors on your Estate Agent website. Not all, but a lot of people search for property at work, a quiet workspace within their home or they are listening to their own choice of music.
  2. Popups – Popups have no place on an Estate Agent’s website, even if they contain a feature such as Google Maps. Think of it this way, would you allow something onto your website that takes people away from your main website? Keep the focus on your website and lower the chance of people moving away from it.
  3. Introduction page – This is just an extra click for the people that visit your website. A good homepage will clearly show that you are an Estate Agent within seconds.
  4. Left aligned websites – OK this point won’t FORCE people from your website per se but it is not the modern trend and simply makes your website look out-dated.
  5. Tables - Similar to the point above, there are still Estate Agents that allow web designers use this web design technique to be the main tool in constructing their website. Any website that is made completely from tables is very easy to spot.
  6. Traffic jam – Not only does Google include website speed within their algorithm, but internet users are one of the impatient people on the planet. Make them wait and you’ll never see them again.
  7. Colour – Would you let your house or your office use colours that are offensive to the eyes? Bad colour choices can easily make your website lose professionalism and respect from visitors.
  8. Tinie-tiny navigation – Not everyone has sight of the eagle and accuracy of the woodpecker. Give your users a chance and make sure your web design has easy to use navigation.
  9. Properties not on your own domain name – This is a personal pet hate of mine. If you do not have your properties on your own domain name, the SEO benefit will go to the other domain name else. You can usually notice this because a popup appears with the third party’s domain name, which intertwines with number 2 in this list.
  10. Cross checking browsers – Just because your Estate Agent website looks good in one browsers, don’t necessarily mean that it will work in other browsers. Take the initiative and cross check browsers.

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James Coyne – eMarketing and Social Media Consultant