10 Best Property Apps

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10 Best Property Apps


Moving house can be quite a long and stressful process, but with the latest technologies you are able to make the whole experience more manageable and perhaps even fun.

We’ve had a look into iPhone and iPad apps that may help you or your clients in certain areas of buying and moving into a new property.

This covers finding a place, decorating it, managing finances and more. There are thousands of property apps available out there, but what apps are worth downloading if you are in the process of moving house?

Here are some of our favourites:

Decorating/Interior Design

  • Houzz – (Free)

Amazing for interior design ideas, the Houzz site and mobile apps feature over 200,000 high quality interior and exterior photos, thousands of highly-engaging articles written by design experts, product recommendations and social tools to manage the remodelling and decorating process. 

Find out more at www.houzz.com or download the app here.

  • Houzz Kid’s rooms – (Free)

Another great resource for designing your kid’s rooms, browse, save and share thousands of big, beautiful photos of inspiring kids’ spaces. Filter spaces by age group, and get information on the pros who designed them.

Download the app here.

  • Home Design 3D - (£3.99)

Remodel your home like the pros, create designs, add furniture, decorate and view in 3D.

Download the app here.

  • B&Q – (Free)

This is a must have, with offers, How to’s, and everything else you can possibly imagine…

Download the app here.

  • IKEA Catalogue – (Free)

Another must have! Any list where property is involved just would be right without an IKEA.

Download the app here.


Finances/financial helpers

  • Airbnb – (Free)

This is one of the most talked about App ideas of the moment, earn cash by renting your sofa, spare room, apartment or house.

Find out more at www.airbnb.com or download the app here.

  • Mouse Price - (£2.99)

Great research resource, access land registry information on property values in your area.

Find out more at www.mouseprice.com or download the app here.

  • Mortgage Assistant – (Free)

Get the latest mortgage information fast from London and Country mortgages.

Download the app here.


Buyer’s guides/Local information

  • Kirsty and Phil’s House Hunter – (£3.49)

This is the ultimate guide to buying a home and advice from finance to the law from Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer. This app is packed with videos guides and audio tips from the king and queen of property and provides a comprehensive handbook taking you through each and every stage of the house buying process.

Download the app here.

  • Around Me – (Free)

Helping you to know what’s local in your new neighbourhood. AroundMe quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theatre and Taxi.

Download the app here.

To download any of these apps, head on over to the iTunes store – a good mix of free and paid apps have graced our Top 10 lists for both the iPhone and iPad, so we'd be surprised if you don't find at least one you'll be itching to play with!

Apps sells have exploded over the last year and Apple have announced that over 15 billion apps have been sold worldwide, making it crucial for all estate agents to jump on board with these latest marketing platforms.


By Troy Stanley
Technical Director