YouTube offline: Mobile App

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YouTube offline: Mobile App

YouTube has announced that they will be launching a new feature on its mobile app allowing viewers to watch videos when they aren’t online.

The new feature will let users add videos to their devices, enabling them to watch them for a short period of time without being connected to the internet. They weren’t clear on how long the “short period” will be but did say fans would be able to enjoy your videos on their morning commute.  

Downloading videos is currently against YouTube’s rules but there are several third-party apps and browser extensions that allow people to download videos. However last year YouTube did experiment with offline viewing by allowing users to watch pre-cached videos.

YouTube said that this move is to “bring more viewers to your content”. This update will give people more opportunities to enjoy your videos and channels on YouTube mobile.

Letting viewers watch videos offline is the latest in several updates they have released over the past few months to help increase engagement on its mobile app.

The new update will be released in November.

Luke Stanley