Wink to take photos

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Wink to take photos

Google has just released a new software update for Google Glass that now lets you simply wink to snap a photo.

The new update will probably cause more of a stir for those who think the wearable Google Glass is creepy but Google have said that this is only an “exploratory feature” at this time and that they are only asking 'Explorers' who are testing this device for feedback.

The update also added MyGlass to iOS, bringing many of the Android app features to iOS devices such as being able to add contacts, getting turn by turn directions and setting up the device.

Other additions to the update also included a Touch Menu for Google Play Music, a screen lock function which can be turned on when you take the Glasses off and the ability to share videos to YouTube straight from Google Glass.

Another great feature Google added within the update was Hangouts. This feature now allows users to make video calls, chat and take photos via Google Hangouts. This is a great social feature, aimed at bringing people together.

Unfortunately there still hasn’t been any announcements for when Google Glass will be released to the public. Speculation suggests that the device will probably be launched at some point in late 2014. 

Troy Stanley