Windows 9: unveiling just around the corner?

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Windows 9: unveiling just around the corner?

Microsoft’s next generation operating system which is likely to be called “Windows 9” unfortunately won’t be available for at least another year (estimated release April 2015), however according to rumours Microsoft are set to unveil its new operating system project titled “Threshold” this April at the BUILD 2014 conference.

Microsoft seems to be set on calling their new operating system “Windows 9” in an attempt to distance itself from Windows 8 which has been heavily criticised in the past.

Microsoft have said that they sold more than 100 million licences for Windows 8 but the newer version is supposedly aimed at making things easier for those people who spend a significant amount of time on a PC or laptop, as well as doing modifications to the performance and visual elements.

Rumours regarding Windows 9

Not much has been said about the design and appearance of the new Windows 9, but many reports do suggest that we will see the return of the much missed Start menu. Other rumours are claiming that it will have the ability to “run Metro-style apps on the desktop alongside desktop applications". New gesture controls are also planned to be put in place to make it easier for those using touch screens.

Be sure to stay tuned, as we will keep you updated on the latest news and rumours regarding Windows 9... 

Troy Stanley