Windows 9 is coming

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Windows 9 is coming

Get ready for Windows 9 as it looks like we will be getting the first proper look at Microsoft’s next generation operation system sooner than expected.

According to the The Verge, Microsoft is planning to unveil Windows 9 at a press release on the 30th September.

9 things we should expect from Windows 9

1. It may not be called Windows 9?

Windows 9 current codename is “Threshold” and it may not even be called Windows 9…

2. Cortana might be making an appearance

Cortana is a virtual personal assistant (Microsoft’s version of Siri) and has proven to be better than Apple’s Siri. Obviously it won’t have a huge impact on desktop user but the feature is likely to be available on Windows phones.

3. Charms could be dead

Charms were supposed to surface those items that matter most to you and make it easier to navigate but of course it failed. Now according to reports Charms won’t be part of Windows 9.

4. The Start Menu will be returning

According to reports because Microsoft received so many compliments they have decided to bring back the Start Menu.

5. No more multiple versions

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggested that multiple versions of Windows may be a thing of the past.

6. Cloud integration

Cloud is making its way to Windows 9, CEO Satya Nadella believes Microsoft needs to be a mobile first and cloud first company. This may lead to integrating services like OneDrive and even elements of Office 365.

7. Enhanced gestures for tablets

As stated above, Mobile is very important to Microsoft so it is likely we will see some enhancements in gestures for Windows 9. It is unclear what they have planned but touch functionality will play a huge role in Windows 9.

8. Free for all

Windows 9 will be free for all users. This is likely to compete with Apple making their operating systems free to download.

9. Launch date 2015

Windows 9 isn’t likely to be released until 2015, but will be available to test later this year. 

Luke Stanley