Windows 10 launches

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Windows 10 launches

Windows 10 officially launches today and it isn’t a traditional Windows launch. Each new Windows launch is typically accompanied by the uncertainty of whether or not it will be worth the update but not this time.

This time we already know it is great, as it has already been tried and test by over 5 million people according to Microsoft.

Windows 10 is a huge improvement in almost every way from Windows 8. So what’s new?

Here are the key new features for Windows 10:

The return of the Start button

The most noticeable upgrade in Windows 10 is the return of the Start button; however it has changed a lot.

The Start menu now houses all those tiles from Windows 8 alongside the traditional start button list. It also features Cortana and other functionalities such as most recent apps, apps you use the most and live tiles that gives you a live feed to news and your emails.


Windows personal assistant has come to desktops and is integrated in a number of ways. As stated above, she is in the Start menu where you can type questions or even speak to her if you have a microphone.

She is also built into Edge, Microsoft’s new web browser.

Internet Explorer is dead, long live Edge

Microsoft has finally killed off Internet Explorer and is replacing it with their new web browser Edge.

It doesn’t quite compete with Chrome, not yet at least; however it has impressed a lot of users during the test period. The browser is very fast, with a minimalistic design and is said to be a lot better than IE.

Multiple desktops

Microsoft has finally enabled you to be able to create and manage multiple desktops. You can add new desktops and move from one to the other by simply pressing Win-Tab. This will come in very handy for people who do a lot of work on different machines.

Faster and better

Windows 10 has been cleaned up a lot, giving it a lighter and sharper feel. Many of the changes from Windows 8 have been done to make it easier and faster to use.

It’s free

It wasn’t clear who actually got to update for free and who didn’t but now that’s been cleared up. If you have a legit copy of Windows 7 or 8.1 then your download of Windows 10 will be completely free. Those of you that have Windows XP or earlier you can get the home edition for around £80. 

Luke Stanley