Will Google release a new Virtual Reality headset this year?

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Will Google release a new Virtual Reality headset this year?

According to reports, Google is set to launch a new virtual reality headset for Android smartphones later on this year.

Google’s new VR headset is reported to be sturdier and more sophisticated than their Cardboard VR set which has shipped over 5 million units since its launch in 2014.

Unlike its predecessor, the new headset will have a plastic casing as well as improved sensors and lenses which means the headset is likely set to compete against Samsung’s Gear VR which currently only competes with non-major brands offering similar VR headsets. This means the Google VR headset will be significantly cheaper than the Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR and HTC Vive.

One major advantage the Google VR headset will supposedly have over the Samsung VR set is that it will support a wider range of smartphone devices compared to Samsung’s Gear VR which only supports Samsung devices.

Alongside these rumours, Google are supposedly also planning to release new Android VR software at the same time as the VR headset. Google is said to be working on improving the virtual reality experience by making its software part of their operating system.

These rumours come shortly after Google posted advertising for VR hardware engineers which suggests Google is developing their own virtual reality headset.

Google has also invested heavily in Magic Leap, an augmented reality firm, backing up the reports that Google might be pushing towards producing their own VR headset.

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t made any official announcements regarding a new VR headset but the evidence does suggest that we are likely to be seeing one very soon and it is widely believed that the company might unveil the product at this year’s Google I/O conference this May. 

Luke Stanley