Why is Chrome the world’s most popular browser?

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Why is Chrome the world’s most popular browser?

With Estate Agency software moving to the cloud, your choice of browser has never been more important but what browser is best for software for estate agents?

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, taking 43% of the global market share. In the UK Chrome is still most popular with 39% of the market with Internet Explorer coming in second with only 27%.

But why is Chrome the best?

1. Regular updates

Google updates its browser frequently, with new updates being released on almost a monthly basis. A lot of the time users won’t even realise a new update has been released as they are done behind the scenes.

However with every new update Google Chrome just gets better.  

2. Clean, minimalistic design

Other browsers seem to stuff themselves with all these different types of bars which cover up most of the screen. Obviously you can clear these browsers up manually but Chrome does this automatically for you. Google Chrome only has one search box leaving the rest of the screen free from clutter.

 3. Google integration 

Google isn’t just about search; they offer a lot of other services and tools like Gmail, Google+, Google Play, Youtube, Google Places, etc. All of which are used by many on a daily basis. By signing into Chrome, all of these services are synchronised automatically into the cloud. This means you can change computers or devices, log back into Chrome and everything will be there including bookmarks, apps, settings, etc. This is extremely handy.

 4. Chrome web store

All the tools you need are right here, Google web store offers a wide range of extensions and add-ons. Of course Firefox and Safari have their own web stores but they aren’t as good or as big as the Chrome store.

Extensions, web apps, online games, eBooks and so much more are available to download for free. 

Luke Stanley