What’s next for the next generation iPhone?

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What’s next for the next generation iPhone?

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is old news and now it is time to start listening to the rumours regarding Apple’s next generation iPhone.

Obviously, Apple hasn’t (and won’t) confirm any of the rumours but Apple experts have made some pretty good predictions of what we can expect next. We’ve weeded out all the farfetched and highly unlikely rumours to deliver you the most accurate prediction of what the next generation iPhone will be like:

The name

Will it be the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 7? Traditionally Apple’s next step would be the iPhone 6S but KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who actually has a pretty good track record for iPhone predictions believes that Apple will be skipping the iPhone 6S.

He believes that the introduction of the Force Touch technology (which we will come to later) is such a big upgrade that Apple are likely to skip the iPhone 6S and go straight to 7.

The look

After the release of a new shaped iPhone, Apple usually stick with the same shape for its successor so we expect Apple to keep the Touch ID home button and rounded edge appearance.

However, the iPhone is likely to be made from Apple’s custom series 7000 aluminium alloy, which is what the Apple Watch is made from.

What does this mean? Well the altered form of aluminium is 60% stronger, resulting in a tougher and lighter material. It will also help protect the devices from scratches.

We also may even see a rose gold option, to go alongside the rose gold Apple Watch.


Claims have suggested that the screen will feature Force Touch technology, just like the Apple Watch and the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro. This would make the device sensitive to different pressures, increasing the amount of control you have over apps.

Rumours have also suggested that selected models could come with sapphire glass screen (an unscratchable screen).


We might see an increase in megapixels from 8MP to 12 or possible 16MP; however we have our doubts on this. What is more likely is that Apple will include is the optical image stabilisation of the 6 Plus for the regular sized iPhone.  

Wireless charging

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus finally brought Apple up to speed with NFC, but we were disappointed to not see anything to do with wireless charging. This will hopefully change with the release of the next generation iPhone. The Apple Watch has wireless charging, so we could see Apple transferring the technology over the iPhone.


Unfortunately, all these rumours will stay rumours for quite some time as the release date (if we can go by past launches) isn’t likely to be until around the 20th September. However we will keep you up-to-date with all the latest rumours and gossip regarding the next generation iPhone. 

Luke Stanley