What’s New: Apple iOS 10.3

| Technology

Apple is rumoured to be planning to release the first beta testing of iOS 10.3 next week and could be introducing a brand new feature.

According to moderately reliable Apple leaker, Sonny Dickson, Apple’s iOS 10.3 will include a new ‘Theatre Mode’.

The release which is expected to begin testing on January 10th will supposedly feature this new app that is rumoured to have a ‘popcorn’ icon.

It isn’t clear what this ‘Theatre Mode’ will actually do, however it is assumed that the new app will be a new way to dim your iPhones and iPads at the touch of a button as well as mute sounds and notifications so you can use them in the cinema without distracting those around you.

Other rumours suggest that the Theatre Mode may switch the devices settings so that they are optimal for watching video content.

Luckily we have less than a week to wait to find out what iOS 10.3 will bring, however most Apple users will be hoping to see iOS updates that will fix the battery drainage bug that has been affecting those with iPhone 5 to 6S’s.  

The iOS 10.3 update is expected to be fully released to all iOS users by the end of the month. 

Luke Stanley