What’s in store for the Apple Watch 2?

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What’s in store for the Apple Watch 2?

There is a lot of debate on whether or not Apple will release a smartwatch annually like it does with its phones and tablet; however the latest reports suggest that Apple will be enhancing its current Apple Watch but also bringing out a new device alongside it.

It now looks like Apple is planning to introduce a smart band to its product range.

These health focused bands are extremely popular and although the Apple Watch kind of works as a smart band allowing for users do all kinds of health-tracking, it does look like Apple will be creating a separate smart band altogether.

This new health focused band will reportedly connect to the Apple Watch device, allowing for a much greater health tracking functionality.

Rumour has it; the new Apple smart bands are currently being developed for the Apple Watch but Apple are also going to introduce a completely new Apple Watch model alongside the bands…

The Apple Watch 2

So what can we expect from the Apple Watch 2 -

1) FaceTime

It has been reported that Apple are currently developing the Apple Watch 2 which is said to include a camera for FaceTime, meaning you will be able to make and receive FaceTime calls via your watch. Apple stated at WWDC 2015 that WatchOS 2 will be able to support FaceTime audio calls…

2) Independent

It has also been suggested that the Apple Watch 2 will be less reliant on the iPhone.

3) New design

Apple are said to be exploring more variations of the Apple Watch, beyond the Steel, Sport and Edition tiers.

4) Longer battery life

With the Apple Watch falling short on battery life when compared to its competition, it looks like Apple will be upgrading this, with hopes of a 2-3 day battery life.

5) A built in GPS

Originally thought to be part of the Apple Watch, GPS can only be used when supported by the iPhone. This could be changing.

Of course, the Apple Watch 2 is still quite some time away but there is still exciting news for Apple Watch owners. The impending release of WatchOS 2 is just around the corner. The next generation WatchOS will add a lot of new features which will vastly improve the current Apple Watch; the new update will include deeper watch face customisation, adds the ability to natively install apps which should cut a lot of slowdown, along with several other big updates.

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