What Can We Expect To See At Google I/O 2018?

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What Can We Expect To See At Google I/O 2018?


These days Google covers almost every aspect of the tech industry and Google I/O is where the tech giant unveils all their latest technology enhancements.

Google I/O 2018 takes place from the 8th to the 10th of May, and with it just a few weeks away what new technology can we expect to see?

Android P

We’ve already had a preview of Android P last month but Google will officially unveil all its new features at the Google I/O.

They are also likely to announce what the P stands for, and Android Popsicle seems to be the favourite for the latest Android operating system.

Google Assistant Upgrades

Google is pushing for its personal virtual assistant to be everywhere across all of their devices so we can expect to hear about the new upgrades it has had.

Wear OS 3.0

Google has now dropped the Android part from Android Wear, so the new operating system is now called Wear OS by Google.

We can expect to see Wear OS 3.0’s new enhancements, potentially alongside a new smartwatch?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Daydream was introduced back in 2016, but it’s been rather quiet since. It isn’t likely that they will unveil anything at Google I/O but we may get a taste of what’s to come later this year.

Soon all will be revealed at Google I/O 2018 but we are hoping for some big things from Google this year.

Luke Stanley