Wearable Technology: The Smart Ring

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Wearable Technology: The Smart Ring

Wearable technology is yet to take off but several smartwatches have hit the market such as the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear and smart glasses have also been launched like Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles but now we have the world’s first voice-powered smart ring.

Origami Labs, has launched their first Kickstarter project, the ORII ring which is a Bluetooth-enabled ring that uses bone conduction to transmit audio to the fingertip…

This means that the sound is transmitted via vibrations through the bone, enabling you to use your fingers like a phone.

The device has dual noise cancelling microphones that lets users make phone calls privately, send messages and access Siri at your fingertips.

It can also:

  • Read messages
  • Set timer
  • Scheduling
  • Navigation
  • Voice search
  • Translation
  • Recording
  • Set reminders
  • Make note
  • Post to Twitter

The iOS and Android app also lets you filter notifications by assigning contacts and apps with specific colours that will flash on the ring.

Origami Labs also claims that you will be able to use the ORII ring in loud places, that the audio is private and discrete and that it is splash proof.

So if you want to turn your finger into a phone, the ORII ring is the wearable technology for you.

The ORII ring is set to start shipping in early 2018 and comes in 4 colours.

Check out their Kickstarter page here - http://kck.st/2uXcRuy 

Luke Stanley