Wake up, Walk up!

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Wake up, Walk up!

Are you one of those people that struggle to get out of bed in the morning? If so, this app may be for you.

A new app called Walk Up has an original way of making sure you get out of bed in the morning instead of you sleeping through your mild alarm or allowing you to hit the snooze button. This unique alarm requires you to walk to shut it up.

This app may seem pretty evil and it may not sound like the best way to get you out of bed in the morning but it does solve the snooze button problem that makes you late for work every day.

The app works from the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer that tracks your movements. All you need to do is program how many steps you have to take to shut the alarm off and it’s ready to go. If you think this app is for you, it is available in the App Store for 69p.

The Walk Up alarm is guaranteed to wake you up and get you up like a shot to shut off the app’s horrific built-in preset alarms which includes the choice of a screaming male or female voice. You may also choose other painfully annoying options too if the screaming doesn’t work for you.

So if you need a rude awaking and want to ensure you get into work on time then this app is definitely for you.

Troy Stanley