Virtual Reality Property Viewings

| Technology

Buying a home can be quite tiresome. You have to travel to various homes to have a look around which requires time and effort, and if you don’t like the property, is a complete waste of time.

But in Singapore, some real estate companies are using a new approach.

These companies are using Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets to allow their customers to view their new apartments instead of setting up showrooms.

This was a first for a property developer in Singapore, and the company choose to create showrooms in VR to save costs and time.  

Customers can just put the headset on and look around the apartments and tap to go into different rooms.

The simulation is more like a static virtual tour, only allowing you to view the room from one spot with a 360 degree range rather than being able to walk through the apartments, however that is possible to create.

The designers of this virtual reality experience even included a soundtrack of actual recordings made in the property’s area to make it more realistic.

Check out the virtual reality demo here.

Is this really the future for estate agency?

Although we may be some time away from this, it definitely holds a lot of potential of become a reality in the future.

The demo above is just a computer designed showroom; however with more and more 360 cameras coming on the market, you will be able to create real tours with these types of cameras.

Of course, this will only become a reality when virtual reality becomes more popular but Facebook only announced earlier this month that 1 million people use VR every month and with the release of the PlayStation VR this month we can expect those numbers to rise substantially.

Bringing VR to estate agency may be a little while a way but definitely in the foreseeable future as most will agree that it will come in highly useful for viewings as it will not only give your customers the chance to get a feel of the size and space of the properties from the comfort of their own homes, but also allowing multiple viewings without disturbing the property sellers.

Luke Stanley