Top 5 smartphones of 2014

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Top 5 smartphones of 2014

These days, choosing the best smartphone on the market can be a tricky task. With the hundreds of new phones released every year by tech giants and up-and-coming names it is hard to keep track all the new technologies and features all these new smartphones possess.

However we are here to help make it easier for you. Here are the 5 best smartphones of 2014, taking into consideration all aspects of the devices including design, power, features, screen and costs:

5. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

 xperia z3.jpg

The Xperia Z3 Compact is pretty much the same phone as the bigger model, at a lower price and much easier to hold.

You don’t have to settle for less if you want the smaller version you still get a 20.7 mega pixel camera and a clear IPS LCD screen, along with remote play for your PS4.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

 galaxy note 4.jpg

Samsung have managed to pack so much into the Galaxy Note 4. The most impress thing about the Galaxy Note 4 may be the amazing screen, a super AMOLED technology combined with QHD resolution.

The phone in general is pretty impressive with a decent camera, a lot of power and comes with a handy S Pen.

3. LG G3

 LG G3.jpg

Its predecessor, the LG G2, was a very strong smartphone which didn’t cost a huge amount.

The LG G3 had a lot to live up to and came through in style with an incredibly sharp display. It was the first smartphone to have a QHD screen, which means it has four times as many pixels jammed in compared to some other phones on this list.

Not only did they improve the screen resolution but they made a number of other enhancements including a new and improved design, laser-based auto-focus and a simplified user-interface.   

2. iPhone 6

 iphone 6 landscape.jpg

The iPhone 6 is a truly great step forward for Apple, it is a lovely phone to hold, feel, use and look at.

These are all the great qualities that have made Apple so successful. Despite not having any parts that excel over the competition apart from the intuitive and simplistic interface, everything about the iPhone 6 just works.

The camera isn’t as high res as others but it is very fast, bright and easy to use. The screen again isn’t as high quality as others but has great colour and brightness which is easy on the eye.

And the design is probably the best on the market, sleek, smooth and beautiful. It’s primary downfall is probably the cost but all Apple fans have just come to accept that these days.

1. HTC One M8

 HTC 1 m8.jpg

Again the predecessor was one of the best smartphones on the market at the time and the HTC One M8 had a lot to live up to. So how did they trump it, well they took all the best parts of the HTC One and reinvented and improved them overall.

The HTC One M8 includes a new Snapdragon 801 processor which has boosted the battery life dramatically, a faster and improved camera front and back, an impressive Boomsound upgrade and a clean and sleek design. 

Luke Stanley