This week’s Apple news

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This week’s Apple news

Apple to release two handsets a year from 2015

Apple traditionally release the next generation iPhone and iPad annually, however rumour has it that Apple are looking to start releasing two devices a year, starting with the release of the iPhone 6S alongside the Apple Watch next spring, followed by the iPhone 7 in September or October 2015.

The claims were made by ‘sources in the supply chain’ so may not be all that reliable; however Apple have been releasing more devices each year since 2013 so it’s not that farfetched a rumour.

Apple, until 2013 had only released one handset a year around September/October. In 2013 this all changed where we saw the release of the iPhone 5S and the “budget” iPhone 5C.

And this year Apple released both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

The rumours come in the wake of Apple announcing that they are killing off the iPhone 5C by mid-2015. This may be another reason behind Apples plan to release two devices next year as Apple have be known to discontinue models as they are replaced by newer versions, which means the same number of handsets would still be available once the iPhone 5C was discontinued. 


Apple’s war on cracked screens

broken iphone.jpg

It appears that Apple have patented a built-in technology that could estimate the point of impact and move the devices centre of gravity to save the device from the dreaded cracked screen.

Future devices would be able to alter the point of impact by using the iPhone’s inner vibration motor and processor, shifting the device to rotate before impact and using the phone’s sensors to monitor the devices position throughout the fall.

This patent also suggests some other unusual ideas, such as using a gas canister to change the phone’s orientation.

Although this isn’t likely to come to iOS devices anytime soon, it is nice to know Apple is working towards protecting our iPhone screens. 

Luke Stanley