This Mobile Airbag Could Save Your Smartphone

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This Mobile Airbag Could Save Your Smartphone


It’s happened to all of us, a slight fumble and your smartphone hits the floor with a crash.

Now if your smartphone has a strong case and a screen protector then you might be lucky and your phone may be unscathed. However, those cases can only do so much and you may find yourself with a chipped, cracked or shattered smartphone once you’ve retrieve it from the floor.

But what if you could stop your smartphone making contact with the floor? This is where German engineering student, Philip Frenzel’s mobile airbag comes into play.

The mobile airbag called the ADcase was created by the engineering student and deploys springy legs as it falls to cushion the impact, stopping the more fragile parts of your device coming into contact with the floor.

Philip Frenzel was inspired to create the case after dropping his brand-new iPhone.

He is now planning to turn his ADcase (which stands for “active damping”) prototype into a business by bringing it to Kickstarter at some point this July.

The ADcase website says that the case gives your smartphone 360-degree protection, is reusable, and is extra thin at 4.9mm deep so shouldn’t be overly noticeable in your pocket.

The initial release of the case will be limited to the iPhone, models 6/6 Plus and up including the iPhone X.

Of course, the info provided on the website leaves many questions unanswered like how the case detects falling, will the legs deploy while we are walking down the stairs, etc but I’m sure these questions will be answered when the case is launched on Kickstarter later on this month.

Here’s a video to see the ADcase in action:


Luke Stanley