This is the end of Internet Explorer

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This is the end of Internet Explorer

Microsoft has officially announced they will be killing off the much tarnished Internet Explorer brand.

Although Internet Explorer will still be available on Microsoft’s new operating system (for enterprise compatibility), they will be replacing Internet Explorer with a brand new web browser.

Microsoft has tried and failed to shake off the negative image Internet Explorer has been given over the last few years, since the tremendous failure of IE 6.  

However they have now decided to completely start a fresh with a new brand and a new web browser.  

Microsoft’s new web browser will try to take on the ever-growing popularity of Google Chrome, while aiming to keep its position as the number one desktop browser.

Internet Explorers successor goes by the codename of ‘Project Spartan’ but doesn’t currently have an official name. Microsoft is in the process of testing names for their new browser through market research.

Microsoft has been working on a replacement for Internet Explorer for quite some time. They even created an ad campaign to mock the failures of Internet Explorer 6; however the ads didn’t improve the situation, which lead to the former Internet Explorer chief leaving the company last December.

From Microsoft’s market research, it is clear that they needed to break away from the IE brand and start with a clean slate as the name Internet Explorer will not help it to gain popularity. They also hinted that the name of their new web browser will include the Microsoft brand name.

However we will have to wait until the official release to see what name they have chosen and if it will help them to gain popularity once again. 

Luke Stanley