The next generation iPhone could have 3D display

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The next generation iPhone could have 3D display

Despite the iPhone 6 having only been released a few weeks ago, rumours for the next generation iPhone are already flying around but one of the more exciting rumours is that Apple will be bringing a whole new dimension to the future iPhones.

Apple’s iOS already uses a parallax feature which gives a 3D-style effect to the iPhone screen. For example if you try rotating your screen, you will notice how icons move in relation to the background, which gives the iPhone display a feeling of depth.

However Apple is supposedly taking this one step further and is now working on a glasses-free 3D display along with new 3D hardware and software ecosystem built into their up and coming iPhones.

Although the source of this rumour hasn’t got the best track record for forthcoming Apple devices gossip, there may just be some truth in this one. Apple has previously explored 3D smartphone technology. They have applied for glasses-free, stereoscopic 3D display patent more than 6 years ago, which could mean it may be ready for the next generation iPhone.

They haven’t just been focusing on that either, Apple also applied for a patent for a 3D “hyper reality” display. This means it would adjust the perspective of the iPhone’s screen depending on your heads movement.

Another thing which leads us to believe Apple may be going down the 3D route for their next generation iPhones is that they bought a 3D technology company called PrimeSense this time last year for around £220 million.

So far, the 3D smartphone market is wide open. If Apple does develop this for their iPhones, their only competitor would be the Amazon Fire Phone, which uses head-tracking sensors to present the user with a faux-3D environment. 

Luke Stanley