The Next Generation Apple Watch Potentially a Must-Have?

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The Next Generation Apple Watch Potentially a Must-Have?

According to reports, Apple is gearing up to launch the next generation Apple Watch and the rumours suggest that it won’t need to be connected to an iPhone to work and will include an LTE chip for internet connectivity as well as receive a brand new design.  

Yes, you heard that right Apple’s next generation Apple Watch is supposedly going to be a standalone, internet-connected smartwatch.

If the report can be believed, the next Apple Watch may be a must-have for all Apple fans.

The original Apple Watch was a little bit of a disappointment but has found a moderate amount of success since Apple has geared it towards its health and fitness features.

However, Apple fans were hoping for more and the third Apple Watch may deliver.

We already know from the preview of watchOS 4 earlier this year that the next generation Apple Watch will continue focusing on health and fitness, yet if reports are correct the smartwatch may be more useful for day to day use.

Of course, the most exciting rumour regarding the third Apple Watch is the standalone internet connectivity, which would mean the Apple Watch would become more than an expensive extension of the iPhone.

Yet, it won’t be the first smartwatch to have standalone internet connectivity as Samsung beat Apple to the punch (as per usual) with the Samsung Gear 3 which was launched last year. But the Apple Watch will certainly bring in a bigger audience potentially making it the first must-have smartwatch to hit the market.

Many still doubt how functional a smartwatch can really be considering limited screen size, battery life, processing power and memory but the Apple Watch probably won’t ever be used for anything other than for simple tasks and will always be considered secondary to an iPhone.

The internet connectivity will make the Apple Watch more appealing to those who require their hands to be free so they can ditch their iPhones and still send and receive texts, download apps and stream music when they are out and about.

As for a new look, rumours suggest that the Apple Watch will come with a microLED screen, which would make it brighter and nicer to look at.

Apart from that there is very little buzz regarding the design but we would expect to see something a little less bulky and a little more fashionable from the next generation Apple Watch. 

Luke Stanley