The iPhone Hack That Everyone’s Raving About

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The iPhone Hack That Everyone’s Raving About


The majority of iPhone users seem to have been unaware of a handy iPhone function that has been around for 3 years.

The function which has been newly uncovered has gone viral and if you weren’t aware of it before it will likely change the way you text.

This keyboard feature that has recently been discovered by thousands of Apple users, enables them to move the cursor on a text message by holding down the spacebar and dragging, instead of the user having to try and drag the cursor across the screen themselves which can be very tricky.

The feature was discovered and shared by Krissy Brierre-Davis who posted on Twitter,

“How come you guys never told me this iPhone trick? I feel duped” with a screenshot of her iPhone’s space bar moving the cursor.

The tweet has received more than 132,000 likes, shared 57,000 times and commented on 6,800 times.

The tweet has blown thousands of people’s minds and has led to them trying out the trick themselves.

The feature also enables you to highlight words or sentences by holding down the spacebar, tapping the screen and dragging the cursor over a word or sentence.

This “new” feature isn’t new at all as it has been available to iPhone users since the iPhone 6S (which was released back in 2015).

Luke Stanley