The iPad Pro - the largest iPad yet

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The iPad Pro - the largest iPad yet

Reports have suggested that Apple is planning on releasing their biggest iPad yet, which will be geared towards creative Apple fans. This rumour has been going around for quite a while but recent leaked images of the iPad Pro case have stirred up the rumours again.

What Apple will name the device is still up for debate, some saying it will be called the “iPad Pro”, others the “iPad Plus” but what everyone does seem to agree on is the size.

The iPad Pro is said to feature a massive 12.9 inch display, a fair bit larger than the existing 9.7 inch model.

leaked ipad pro.jpg

Leaked iPad Pro case 

We still aren’t sure if Apple is really developing this product, but the evidence is growing which usually suggests that Apple will be releasing this product or a similar one in the near future.  

Other iPad Pro rumours

Reports have also claimed that the iPad Pro will be the first Apple tablet to have its own stylus. 

Several reports have suggested that Apple will sell a stylus to go with the iPad Pro, aimed at the more artsy/creative crowd. These predictions are also based on a few stylus related patents that Apple has filed.

 iPad pro.jpg

Concept by Martin Hajek

The larger iPad is also suggested to measure in at 7mm thick, will have a 2K resolution and a 11,000mAh battery supply to power the massive screen.

Obviously all these are just rumours and should be taken with a pinch of salt, but with more and more noise being made about the iPad Pro it does look like this could be on Apples book for the near future. 

Luke Stanley