The importance of Estate Agency software system training

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The importance of Estate Agency software system training

Controversially, but generally speaking, the majority of estate agents have a limited exposure to professional business training. We have been providers of software for the estate agency sector for over 30 years; our experience is that the general ethos for training within the estate agency sector is low. This applies to both the more general business related training and more specifically, training oriented toward business software systems and technology in general. At best, most estate agency businesses will arrange software training for their staff when new systems are first installed, but after the initial training further training is rarely considered.

Good software systems as well as technology in general moves on quickly and as technology is improved, new features and functionality are added to software systems staff are in danger of being left behind in the technology stakes. Principles and staff alike, without on-going training, will not fully understand what is available to them, new features could add more value to your business proposition, further improving the service offered to your clients. This soft approach to training also has a knock on effect on new members of staff, as they are generally trained by an existing staff member who themselves have often not received any form of professional training or certainly not been trained for a long period of time.

Principals are often mislead into thinking that because most modern software systems are web based and as their staff are used to using the internet, using web based software systems is simple and do not require professional training. Being internet based, estate agency systems do offer a great user friendly experience, if you understand them. There is however a huge difference in the level of knowledge and understanding required to operate a sophisticated cloud based software system compared to simply browsing the internet, checking email and using Facebook. Indeed, the differences start at foundation level, it is essential for every business that all users understand how to use the internet correctly and how to use an internet browser within a commercial environment. This is essential as business critical information and systems are completely reliant on each and every user having a proper understanding of what the best practices are and what your company policies are. Particularly when considering data protection, security and understanding and avoiding potential cyber-crime, and we’ve not even mentioned using the software system and applying it to real life situations.

Having a structured, on-going approach to training is key to successful business - Well trained staff that are confident and proficient in the use of customer facing software systems make a huge difference to the modern estate agency business, they will be more efficient, will improve productivity and be more profitable, compared to those members of staff who are less confident, and waste time considering which button they should press next.

Systems Training check list -

1). Agree a training policy within your organisation - Who should be trained, what they should be trained, at what frequency.

2). Agree with your software company an annual training schedule - Set aside dates, agree training objectives, beginners, intermediate, advanced and who should attend each.

3). Arrange for a quiet place for training, not the main office, somewhere without interruptions and telephones.

4). Get buy in from all, starting with the principals. 

At Resource Techniques we believe that on-going software training is essential for the successful modern estate agent. We also feel that new members of staff should be fully trained by a professional, and not by a member of staff who could pass on bad habits or miss out essential features.

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Troy Stanley