The future of wearable technology: The Apple Smart Ring

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The future of wearable technology: The Apple Smart Ring

Wearable technology has exploded onto the scene over the last year or so with the Apple having sold around 3 million Apple Watches, so what’s next for wearable technology?

First there was the iPhone, then the Apple Watch, now it looks like Apple’s sights are set on an even smaller device, a smart ring.

A patent application published by Apple titled “Devices and methods for a ring computing device” has come out, detailing a smart, interactive ring that will work alongside the iPhone (similar to how the Apple Watch does).

The patent shows a rather large, bulky ring that has a 1.5 inch screen, a camera, accelerometer, heart rate monitor and pretty much anything else you can expect from a smartwatch.

apple iring.jpg

Apple says that this small device could feature touchscreen, being worn on your index finger, allowing you to control it with your thumb.

The patent application states that the smart ring might also include a microphone enabling you to dictate commands. The ring could also have built-in vibration to alert users to notification.

It even suggests that the iRing would be able to determine what you are writing for the movements of your hand, as well as being used as a personal safety tool (for example, two people who shake hands can have money or information transferred from one device to another).

Overall, the device would pretty much be a smartwatch for your finger…

Despite a quite detailed patent having been released, don’t expect to get your hands on it anytime soon or possibly at all.

Like most companies and in fact the majority of Apple’s patents, they never make it to the production line but at least it gives us a glimpse into the direction Apple is exploring for their future devices.

Luke Stanley