The first Apple Watch apps

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The first Apple Watch apps

With the up and coming release of the highly anticipated Apple Watch, a lot of new app development is likely being created for the wearable device.

One of the first Apple Watch apps is going to be an eBay app which according to reports is in development. An eBay app could help users keep track of their bids and auctions with an easy tap of the wrist.

These new apps will work together with their iPhone and iPad apps to bring the user an easier experience.

EBay’s app could be one of the first apps on the market for the new Apple Watch.  

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently announced that the Apple Watch is scheduled to be released in April 2015 and with this release we can expect many of our old favourites like Facebook and Twitter to release their own versions of an Apple Watch app.

Many other interesting apps are in development for the Apple Watch including airline check in apps simply checking in with your wrist, apps that allow you to control temperature settings in your house and sports update notification directly to your wrist in real-time.

Of course, the third party apps will play a huge role in the acceptance and success of the Apple Watch but that won’t be the only challenge Apple will have to accomplish. Previous smartwatches have failed to grasp the market with their poor performances but the apps will have to overcome issues with the limitations of the screen size, scaled down interface, limited functionality and complying with the kind of user experience Apple fans are already used to.

It will be interesting to see how these apps will overcome these issues; however we will have to wait until April to see the final product… 

Luke Stanley