The dangers of using unofficial iPhone chargers

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The dangers of using unofficial iPhone chargers

London Fire Brigade has warned iPhone users that using fake iPhone chargers are ‘putting lives at risk’.

They went on to say that there has been a number of “near misses” and that it is only a matter of time until these fake chargers with their bad connections lead to a more serious incident.

Over the last few months, due to an increasing number of “near misses”, the London Fire Brigade urged Apple iPhone users to stop using these fake chargers as it may not be long until they are called out to a fatal fire.

They go on to say “Genuine chargers may cost more and you may think you are only paying for the brand name, but you’re actually buying peace of mind because you know the charger is going to be of better quality and specifically designed for your phone.

“For the sake of saving a few pounds is it worth putting the lives of your family at risk and taking the chance of potentially destroying your home?”

Official iPhone chargers are built to meet strict regulations, along with third party UK tech companies that manufacture these chargers, however the chargers that are manufactured by Chinese companies, the regulations aren’t as strict and these cheaper chargers have been found to be missing crucial components in their electrical system and in many cases have caused plastic cases to melt and even start fires. 

Luke Stanley