Still using Windows XP? YOU SHOULD READ THIS!

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Still using Windows XP? YOU SHOULD READ THIS!

From 8th April 2014 Microsoft ended support, and more perhaps more importantly, updates for its Windows XP operating system.

From experience, we know that most of our estate agent clients are way better at selling houses than IT stuff, but this is very important and definitely worth understanding.

How do I know if I have Windows XP?

When your PC first starts up it generally tells you what version of windows you have, check out this link which explain how to check which operating system your PC is running -  Which Operating System > (

If you think you have XP simply click the start button. Then click ‘Run’, type ‘winver’ and press enter. This will confirm the version of XP, but in any event, if it is XP read on -   

How will I be affected if I have Windows XP?

What this means in practice for computer users still using the Windows XP operating system is that they will no longer receive critically important security updates. The likely result of this is that XP users will become increasingly exposed to security breaches and viruses, with cyber criminals targeting these machines with a view to accessing and stealing personal information (bank, credit card details, etc.).

If you are still using XP, what should you do?

Simple, you have three choices -  

1) Do nothing and risk losing everything you own and value.

2) Upgrade to a newer operating system - as long as your hardware is up to it. You should consult your local hardware engineer who will help you understand if this is possible.

3) Buy a new PC...

Please ignore option 1; it’s not really an option! 

Troy Stanley