Stay cool in the office this summer

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Stay cool in the office this summer

Over the last few weeks we have welcomed the break from our usual rainy summer but with temperatures reaching a record high of 33.5 degrees in London, it has begun to make most of us working in an office particularly uncomfortable.

As we are experiencing the hottest summer in seven years, here are some cool fans to keep you cool this summer:


Dyson Hot + Cool – from £259

This Dyson fan may be expensive but it can be used all year round as it’s not just a fan but a heater too, which comes in handy when this perfect summer turns to rain as it certainly will in a few weeks’ time.

As you can see in the picture above, the fan is bladeless and pushes the air at the user-set speed using Air Multiplier technology cooling you in an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. The device is totally child safe and is available in several colour finishes too.


Stadler Form Q – from £145

For those of you that have a taste for the ultra-modern devices, the Stadler form Q is definitely for you. The Q is designed by Swiss designer Carl Borer, who crafted this beautiful stainless steel and aluminium fan.

The fan comes with three speed settings and only has a 43cm diameter making it suitable for the floor or on  top of your desk.


Prem-I-Air chrome – from £70

A pretty standard looking fan compared to the others but is able to cool down a moderately large sized room. At 45cm wide, the Prem-I-Air has been designed for floor placement, but with this cool chrome finish it will look good in most rooms.


Stadler form Otto – from £145

Another fan from the Swiss designer Carl Borer, the Otto fan is made from formed wood, which has been oiled twice to give it this beautiful finish. This fan is for those of you who are a little more stylish and prefer a quieter atmosphere while the fan is operating. At 37cm in diameter, the fan features two speed settings and height-adjustable feet.

Luke Stanley