Space Black iPhone? More leaked iPhone 7 images

| Technology

Lots of rumours have been flying around lately regarding the highly anticipated iPhone 7. Some of these rumours are a little farfetched, some are just dull, however others get us rather excited to see what Apple really does have up their sleeves for the next generation iPhone.

This is the latter.

The latest exciting rumour comes from Netherlands based Techtastic and they have supposedly got their hands on a completely black iPhone 7.

The series of photos leaked by the Techtastic are supposedly an early look at the iPhone 7, which shows us an entirely black iPhone which they refer to as “Space Black”.

The images were leaked over the weekend and show a much darker back casing than the current Space Grey iPhone 6 and 6S model which at present is the darkest colour available.

As with all leaks and rumours this may just be nonsenses and come to nothing. However, considering the next generation iPhone (according to the leaked images away) appears to have very little design change, a new coloured iPhone may be a real possibility.

Apple’s Special Summer Event is rumoured to be taking place this September so we are only weeks away from finding out what new features/designs Apple’s next generation iPhone will have. 

Luke Stanley